How Foolish Are Doctors As Investors?

Today I decided to stop working as a financial planner, fired all my clients, and went back to the ER to crank out a full time schedule.

Just kidding.

There's a better chance of me serving venti mocha lite frappuccinos at Starbucks.

After breaking the financial shackles that tied me in, going back to the medical factory full time is just foolish, especially with the daunting new regulations about to be thrown upon doctors.

And the dwindling pay.

And the malpractice idiocy.

And the nights.

And the weekends.

And the holidays.

And the...[insert your favorite thing you'll miss here]

If you don't have your financial life and investments in order, then you probably MUST go back or continue to stay chained up.

That's especially true if you've foolishly managed your investment portfolio.

So today I've got an easy 3 question quiz for you to determine how foolish you are as a physician investor--whether you have a financial advisor or not. Each question only requires a Yes or No answer.

So here we go.

Question #1: Do you own any individual stocks in your portfolio, or do you try to time the market?

Question #2: Have you hired a financial advisor that gets paid by the products he sells you?

Question #3: If you've practiced medicine 20 years or more, are you still working as a physician?

If you answered Yes to any of those questions, congratulations! You've just been awarded a Certificate of Physician Investor Foolishness.

It's likely that you're making big mistakes and need a more rational path to your own financial independence.

Or perhaps you know you're making mistakes but just don't care.

That's fine too.

Only docs who WANT to change their investing behavior and actually get it right are the ones who have a chance to change all of their quiz answers to No.

So if that's you, then let's sit down and figure out how I can help you go from Yes to No by setting up your Financial Strategy Consultation by clicking here:

Financial Strategy Consultation

Otherwise continue saying Yes and foolishly plugging away.