A Fast Reason Why Doctors Should Hire Good Financial Advisors

I was watching Cars 2 the other day and one of the comments Lightning McQueen makes in the movie really struck me.

Right before he's about to race he says, "Speed. I am speed."

BTW, "Cars 2" is an awesome movie, especially on hi-def Blu-ray in 7.1 surround sound. I highly recommend you get it--but only if you're not busting your butt working 20+ days a month and only if you're not dead tired.

What I really love about watching movies now is that I don't get calls from the hospital or the pharmacy that interrupt me. I don't have to count down the minutes 'tii it's over because I don't have to work a nightshift a few hours later.

Nope. Instead of dreading that I have to get up the next morning to serve as someone else's scut monkey all day long, I create my own schedule.

Pure bliss, baby.

And you can have that too.

But only if you get your financial life in order--fast.

A bunch of doctors I speak to during their Financial Strategy Consultation end up being the most wishy-washy, thumb-twiddling, lemme-think-it-over-and-do-nothing types who sit there and don't make a change. That's despite pointing all the glaring flaws in their finances.

And then weeks and years go by with no progress.

Imagine if Lightning McQueen gets to a race and says "Let me think this over for a while."

May as well get Mater to run the race, buck teeth and all.

One of the keys to getting your finances and investments in order is SPEED.

That's what a good financial planner or financial advisor or investment advisor should do for you: create and implement a financial and investment plan much more quickly than you could do on your own.

For example, when I start working with a new physician client, I wipe the slate clean and start over. We go from no investment plan to a solid investment plan usually in less than 30 days. That's probably anywhere from 10 to 100 times faster than you could do on your own bumbling around like Mater and being distracted by the next shiny new investment idea.

Think about what that means...

Faster implementation = faster results = more peace of mind = get closer to financial independence

Be honest with yourself. How long does it take you to actually implement your investment strategies, or to muster up enough effort to review your disability and life insurance needs?

Now you might think "Well, I've already hired a financial advisor so I've already got an investment plan."

It turns out after reviewing numerous physician portfolios--many created by so called financial pros--very few actually have an investment plan or strategy at all.

All I've got to do is ask a few probing questions to the physician and as I soon as hear a few "I don't knows" that's all it takes for me to think "Man, another doc whose a victim of the financial services industry."

If you're a mid to late career physician in your 50s and up, speed is absolutely critical. You want a finish line to the retirement race, don't you?

If you're an early bird or just hatched from your residency training, the faster you get this done, the faster you get to the finish line.

A good advisor provides the fuel to turbo boost you from Mater-like mediocrity to McQueen-like power.

So what say you my physician friend?

Wanna take it from 1st gear to 5th in a hurry?

It starts with the right fuel, which you can start pumping right now by setting up your Financial Strategy Consultation by clicking here:

Financial Strategy Consultation

BTW, I changed the format of the consultation recently. Hint: It ain't free anymore. Tire kickers will be sent to Radiator Springs immediately. Only physicians who want to get up to Lightning McQueen level should race with me.

OK, now time for me to watch another movie, or maybe two.

Speed, baby, speed.