Do Doctors Value Their Time?

I speak with a lot of doctors who are anxious and stressed out about their careers. They feel like they have no time to do other things in life they enjoy.

It's understandable.

There are ever increasing demands placed upon us: more government regulations, more paperwork, more lawsuits, more perfection (how can you have more perfection?), more call, more shifts, more meetings, and more patients to see.

I recently saw this amazing video that puts your time into perspective. Check it out here:

I especially like what the guy says at the 1:05 mark. He states that hopefully we'll be doing something we love when we work.

I know physicians claim to love what they do, but the reality is that while you might enjoy the academic aspects of practicing medicine and maybe interacting with some types of patients, the "other stuff" just grinds you down.

There's just no way around it...except of course if you get your financial life in order.

You see, the way I look at it is that a solid financial plan and investment plan -- if done properly by a person who walks in your shoes and understands you -- can take jelly beans away from the things you don't enjoy doing and deposit more jelly beans into the aspects of your life you do enjoy.

You can start doing that right here:

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