The Hallmarks of a Physician Who Gets It

In a previous blog post I told you about a prospective physician client I spoke with who was considering working with an insurance salesman instead of me.
I told him to go ahead and work with the other guy if he has such great advice (doubtful) and if the other guy is acting as a fiduciary in the physician's best interests (also doubtful).
Here's what the physician wrote to me:
"I know I can't just reading books...I know you can spend time profitably on those with more assets, but I hope to become that doctor someday. Of course, I am writing this during one of those sporadic stretch of nights.  That is something I can definitely do without."
Now THAT's what I'm talkin' about!
That, my friend, is a doctor who gets it.
He understands that he doesn't have the training, knowledge, interest, or time to manage his finances by himself.
He grasps the value of working with a personal financial trainer (me) who has walked in his shoes and empathizes with his situation.
He knows that there are consequences to poor financial decisions -- for example working more nightshifts. Let's face it, that sucks.
He realizes that paying a fee for good objective financial and investment advice in his best interests by someone he resonates with is not a cost but an investment with benefits that exceed the fee.
He has formulated a goal of becoming financially independent and wants someone who has achieved financial freedom (me) to whip him into shape.
Above all, he possesses a trait that so many physicians lack with their finances, retirement, and investments -- the gusto to take action and make a change.
That's the hallmark of a winner.
How about you?
Are you ready to take the first step and join him also?
If yes, then start by setting up your initial consultation by simply replying to this email or clicking here:
See you in the winner's circle.