Do Doctors Have an Investment and Retirement Playbook?

Do you think the two Super Bowl teams have been just lounging around for the past 2 weeks and eating Big Macs, watching TV, and sipping martinis?

No way.

They've been practicing, practicing, practicing.

And practicing even more.

They're thinking about all possible scenarios the other team will attack them with on Sunday.

More importantly the coaches of each team don't just tell the players what to do.

They have a WRITTEN playbook and a plan of attack.

They also have a WRITTEN playbook and plan of defense.

They don't just show up to the Super Bowl and wing it and then hope for the best.

That strategy would likely result in an embarrassing and devastating loss and some heads would roll.

It's the same with your personal finances, retirement, and investments.

What's your offensive plan?

Have you thought about how you're going to attack your goals by defining your goals and the time frame for those goals?

Have you thought about how you're going to design and implement your investment and retirement portfolio?

What's your defensive plan?

What will you do during the next market crash?

What will you do if you become disabled?

If you've hired a financial advisor and he hasn't discussed all of this and more with you, what are you paying him for?

Do you think the owners of the Super Bowl teams will continue paying their coaches if they don't communicate with their players?

Nope, the owners will fire them.

If you've hired yourself as your own financial advisor, have you thought about your offensive and defensive financial and investment plans?

And have you or your financial advisor written down the plan and created a "financial playbook?"

Do I hear the word "No" coming out of your mouth?

If so, then you might want to think about getting your own retirement playbook written by yours truly right here:


You see, one of the keys to a successful investment experience in the long run is to have a plan.

Unfortunately most physicians I meet -- whether or not they work with an advisor -- don't have one.

How about you?

Talk again soon.

Making work optional for doctors,

Setu Mazumdar, MD, CFP®

"The Physician Financial Planner"