Doctors Will Get Pounded With More Patients

Just read an interesting article about a recently published study which suggests that expanding insurance coverage -- specifically Medicaid -- would increase the number of ER visits.

People with insurance had 40 percent more ER visits than those who were uninsured.

Looking back at over a decade of practicing medicine myself, the number of patients I saw in a shift kept going up and and up and up every year.

Problem was that my pay didn't keep up with the workload.

Quite frankly I was seeing way too many patients as it was.

And you are too.

Now the government wants you to see more patients.

Remember it's all about "quality, affordable healthcare."

Not a single doctor has said to me "Man, I didn't see enough patients today."

Usually you say "That was so f---ing busy. I can't go on like this."

If the ER is going to see more patients, guess what?

That will filter down to everyone else, including radiologists, anesthesiologists, surgeons, cardiologists, surgeons, and just about every other medical specialty.

Your reaction might be "That's job security isn't it?"

My naive friend, you fail to understand the implications.

In the era we live in, where you are but an assembly line worker in the government's medical machine factory, you will see more and more and more patients for less and less incremental pay.


You have a plan.

A plan to get your life together. And a financial plan does just that.

Your money is related to everything else in your life, including how many patients you see.


Because once you reach a point where you have enough, you become the master of your fate.

You can decide how many days you want to work.

You can decide how many patients you want to see (I recommend seeing less patients and providing awesome care to each one rather than crankin' 'em out and providing crappy service to all of them)

You can decide whether you want to work in a factory or work on your own terms where you set the rules.

It is possible.

But only if you've got the right mindset with the right advice by the right person.

If that's you, get started right here:

Otherwise get back to the assembly line and crank 'em out.

Making work optional for doctors,

Setu Mazumdar, MD, CFP®