Doctors Are Nothing Special Anymore

One of my physician clients called me yesterday saying she’d had enough and resigned from her physician group practice.

She’s fed up with seeing tons of patients and the herculean EMR system in her practice which adds a dozen or more hours to her work week.

Plus she works for a large medical practice which is owned by a hospital system.

She is simply a liability on the corporate balance sheet -- part of the salaries and wages payable.

Anyways I had told her about another opportunity in her area that may be more tolerable for her -- basically same pay buy less stressful work and fewer patients per day.

She’d still be a corporate scut monkey but at least for the time being she’d see less patients. It’ll probably buy her some time until she gets squeezed at that job too.

(You might be wondering why she’d call me about this stuff. After all am I not just supposed to manage her family’s retirement portfolio and provide financial planning advice instead of looking for jobs for her? This is actually the type of relationship I have with many of my clients since I’m a physician also. It goes beyond just investment returns. Do you have that type of relationship with your advisor? I doubt it.)

The way the next corporate tycoon hires doctors is to first go to a website and search for jobs in the area.

Here’s the most interesting part.

Physicians are lumped together with all of the following:

Data Analyst
Sales Manager
HR Consultant
Front Office Specialist
Xray Tech
Help Desk Analyst (What the heck is that?)
Medical Assistant
Nurse Practitioner
Physical Therapist
Sales Account Representative
Technical Support Analyst

And many more.

I’m not saying that the other jobs are not important. They are. And they are necessary to take care of patients.

But if you’re a physician, you spent more years on your education than anybody on that list.

And you are held responsible for more than anybody on that list.

Yet you are lumped together with everyone else.

What does this mean?

Well, unless you’ve buried your head in the bowels of the hospital the past decade, it means you ain’t nothing special my friend.

Not according to the powers that matter -- the government, insurance companies, hospital systems, and other corporate behemoths.

You are but a click on a dropdown menu.

The sooner you accept this fact, the sooner you’ll trade in your BMW for a Honda and downsize your home so you can get your finances together and build a personal financial fortress.

Or you can continue plugging away, pretending that everything is just fine.

That’s exactly how the controllers of your purse string want it.

Ignorance is bliss as they say.

And it’s a windfall.

But not for you.

You can change your ways though with a little kick in the derriere from a personal financial trainer who will whip you into shape and help you build that financial fortress so you won’t be a cell on a spreadsheet anymore.

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