Don't Let Financial Monsters Destroy You

I plan to watch Godzilla this weekend in a Dolby Atmos theater -- in case you haven’t been to one of these theaters it has a Godzilla-ion surround sound speakers. Pure bliss baby. I suspect there will be lots of destruction. The trailers even show Godzilla demolishing Vegas!

Since the weekend is coming, let me give you some food for thought.

I’ll make it short.

With your finances and investments, think about all the big, ugly “monsters” that could bring your whole financial house down.

Write those down.

Or make a list of the biggest mistakes you’ve made in your financial life in the past and what that cost you in time, frustration, money, and extra hours of work you had to do to make up for those mistakes.

Here are some examples to get you started:

Did you get divorced?

Did a loved one die unexpectedly?

Did you hire a financial advisor who “gambled” with your money and lost?

What if you come down with a long term disability?

What if you fail to capture the returns the markets offer in the future? [BTW, I wrote two great articles on this recently. You can find them here: Why doctors should work less now and The investment returns you missed)

That’s it for today. Gotta buy my tickets to see Godzilla.

You should too.

Then after you’ve seen the movie and thought about your financial demons, let me help you get rid of them here:

Financial Strategy Consultation