Use the following links to access your accounts and other important information:

Online Calendar Scheduling System

This allows you to schedule phone calls and meetings with me.

TD Ameritrade Institutional Login

This gives you direct access to your accounts at TD Ameritrade. You will be able to view positions and transactions, and download statements. However TD Ameritrade does not calculate performance of your accounts or your portfolio.

Assetbook Performance Reporting System Login

This takes you to the Assetbook performance reporting system. You will be able to view your entire portfolio including the accounts at TD Ameritrade and also any held away accounts such as 401k, 403b, and other employer sponsored retirement plans.

The system calculates performance for every account and your overall portfolio. You can also see transactions as well.

In the Documents tab you will see performance reports I create and your fee invoices.

Emoney Personal Wealth Management Site Login

This is your personal wealth management website and it integrates with the interacitve, dynamic, collaborative financial planning system. In your website you can see your entire financial life including all accounts, assets, liabilities, and expenses.

You also have a secure document vault to upload financial documents. I will also be posting snapshots of your financial plan in your vault.

The Reports tab shows you updated information regarding cash flows, net worth, tax projections, and other reports relevant to your finances.

ByAllAccounts Login

This is used to link your held away assets like 401k, 403b, and other accounts outside of TD Ameritrade and send the data from those accounts to me. After you login, enter the username and password for your outside accounts into the system. Balances and transaction history will then be sent to me and then sent to the performance reporting system.