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 “7 BIG Financial Mistakes Doctors Make and How To Fix Them So You Can Stop Making Work Mandatory and Start Making Work Optional!”

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Dear Fellow Overworked Physician,

Here’s the brutal truth: you've lost your autonomy in medicine, and in the rotten world of Obamacare it's unlikely you'll ever get it back.

Making big financial and investment mistakes only compounds your frustration.

No one is going to give you free handouts before or during retirement because many people think you already make too much money.

You -- and only you -- are responsible for your own retirement. There’s just one problem.
How many hours in medical school and residency did we devote to financial planning and investment management?

That's right. ZERO!

But getting your financial life in order is one of the biggest worries you have as a physician. Isn’t that ironic?

Does this sound familiar to you?

  • You are frustrated, angry, even disgusted with having no financial or investment plan and feel like you're stuck in the mud and getting nowhere with your financial life
  • You are sick and tired of the daily hassles of practicing medicine and wish you could quit in a heartbeat and work on your terms instead being a slave to the government, insurance companies, and lawyers
  • A sense of doom and gloom about your medical career is setting in because your life as a physician might get much worse in the world of Obamacare
  • You feel your financial life and career as a physician are completely out of control, with nightmarish government bureaucracy, dwindling pay, and an endlessly increasing workload
  • You feel strapped to the table and want to scream "Enough is enough! I want to take control of my finances and investments and get my life back!"
  • You are at the breaking point with financial advisors who aren't putting your best interests first, and are instead selling you expensive and inappropriate financial and investment products
  • You sweat at night thinking about whether that patient you saw yesterday, last month, or last year will sue you
  • You are burned out of practicing medicine and eager to get off the financial hamster wheel to nowhere and finally create a path to your own financial independence
  • You've been forced to sacrifice your nights, weekends, holidays, and family time and you now want them back
  • You do not have a financial advisor who can actually relate to you and feel what you're feeling and who has gone through what you're going through
  • You are ready to break the shackles that are holding you hostage to your work and want a simplified, organized financial life that can finally get your autonomy back and put you back in control of your life

Our profession is constantly attacked...

You’re blamed for the rising cost of health care and events that you have no control over. That’s right--YOU--who sacrificed the prime years of life, who busted your butt working 80+ hours a week, and YOU who continues to crank out nights, weekends and holidays while at the same time sacrificing your family and your own health to save lives.

You’re held to a standard of perfection no other occupation is held do. Think about it. Are lawyers and politicians held accountable for their actions? You’re held responsible for everything. Adverse drug reaction? It’s the doctor’s fault! Didn’t prescribe enough pain meds? How insensitive! Patient waited 15 minutes to be seen by you? Shame on you slow poke!

You’re accused of being a “rich doctor” who makes “too much money” and who isn’t paying your “fair share” in taxes. Never mind that you paid a six figure sum of money to get through college and medical school. Never mind that you worked for less than minimum wage for 3-7 years in residency and fellowships. Never mind all the free care you’ve provided to thousands of people day and night. You’re accused of being part of the problem not the solution.

You’re the scapegoat for bad patient outcomes. Even though most malpractice cases against doctors are frivolous, this drains the little drop of energy you have left after a grueling workweek. And guess what? Once you’re sued--even if you “win” the case--in the end you ALWAYS lose because no one compensates you for your time and mental anguish.

Someone else is controlling what you get paid. Insurance companies, hospital administrators, contract management groups, and the government dictate what you’re worth not you. You’ve become a de facto government employee.

You’re constantly threatened with paycuts. Every year for the past decade Medicare threatens to cut your pay by almost 30% only to result in a temporary “fix.” For many of us, our income has gone down when we factor in the rising cost of everything we buy.

The regulations you have to follow are drowning you in a sky high pile of paperwork. Patient satisfaction scores. Obamacare. HIPAA. Hospital committees. Treatment protocols. Board recertification exams. Annual online tests. Quality assurance projects. On and on and on the list goes.


If you continue making a bunch of financial mistakes, it’s probably not going to get better!

Doctors like you are frustrated because you probably:

  • Feel overwhelmed from too much complexity in your financial life 
  • Do not have a clear direction or a systematic process for managing your investments and finances   
  • Are increasingly dissatisfied with the declining state of practicing medicine resulting in high stress, anxiety, and ultimately burnout 
  • Are afraid of running out of money during retirement
  • Feel your income keeps getting squeezed 
  • May not be getting objective financial advice from your current financial advisors because you may have been sold inappropriate and expensive financial and investment products 
  • Made big mistakes by managing your finances and investments by yourself since you lack the time, knowledge, interest, or discipline to successfully pull it off for the rest of your life

Do you wake up in the middle of the night staring at the ceiling worrying about...

  • potential large losses in your retirement portfolio?
  • not having enough money to retire or running out of money during retirement, forcing you to run longer on the hamster wheel of practicing medicine?
  • working because you have to not because you want to?
  • a potential lawsuit by that patient yesterday who complained about you?
  • hospital administrators dinging you for that complication a patient developed but which isn’t your fault?

That’s what you may have to look forward to if you keep making big financial mistakes.

But if you could snap your fingers....

I know 5 BIG outcomes physicians like you and I want right now:

  • Financial independence so you can work on your terms
  • The freedom to enjoy other aspects in life besides practicing medicine 24/7
  • A simplified and organized financial life
  • A plan of action and systematic process for making financial decisions
  • Making work optional not mandatory

You might be wondering how I know all this about you and you probably have a few questions on your mind, such as...

“Who are you? and Why should I believe you?"

Let me introduce myself.

I’m Setu Mazumdar, MD, CFP®, and I’m a physician just like you...but with a twist. I'm “The Physician Financial Planner for Doctors Who Want To Make Work Optional.” I help physicians like you and me get our financial lives in order so that you can work on your own terms again and achieve the financial independence you deserve.

Almost ALL of my clients are physicians and they’ve faced similar challenges that you and I do.

I've turned my inside knowledge as a physician who understands your financial and investment struggles into a springboard for helping physicians like you achieve your own financial independence.

My experience as a physician gives me the unique ability to understand your situation because I've literally walked in your shoes and faced the same challenges you face.

I know you're raising your eyebrows at this point. You're probably saying to yourself...

"I mean seriously...a doctor who transformed into a financial planner to help other doctors?":

"Did he lose his medical license? Did he just snap one day and went nuts? Is he competent to manage other physicians' finances and investments? Is this a joke or a scam, and is he wasting my time?"

Here’s a brief background on my education and experience to erase your skepticism:

  • Graduated from high school at Woodward Academy—the largest independent day school in the continental United States--as valedictorian of my class
  • Graduated from Johns Hopkins University for college. Was admitted to Phi Beta Kappa for being in top 1% of my class
  • Graduated from Johns Hopkins School of Medicine with my MD degree
  • Board certified in emergency medicine and worked full time as an emergency medicine physician
  • Am a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional--the gold standard designation in financial planning
  • President of Physician Wealth Solutions, where I empower doctors to take control of their finances

OK, so as you can see I'm not a dimwit. And no I didn't lose my medical license. And no this isn't a scam.

In fact I take this very seriously. And you should too if you care at all about getting your finances and investments in order and living the life you want instead of being stuck on the financial hamster wheel to nowhere.

This is embarrassing to admit, but I made a bunch of financial mistakes early in my career.

Despite that...

I still retired from practicing full time medicine at the ripe old age of....


No, it’s not a typo and no I didn’t win the lottery. Here’s how I did it:

My wife and I are both physicians, but unlike most doctors, we made our finances and investments a priority early in our careers. We saw money as a tool to achieve financial freedom and independence at an early age.

We were sick and tired of all the BS we have to put up with as physicians: lawsuits, paperwork, annual tests, hospital administrators, nightshifts, the ridiculous volume of patients we have to see, and on and on and on.

But achieving a degree of financial independence at an early age wasn’t easy.

You see, we made a ton of financial mistakes that cost us dearly. We had no clue what we were doing with our investments and I didn’t know anything about financial planning.

We also saw so many of our physician colleagues giving up their weekends, nights and holidays because they didn’t have their financial lives in order and many of them are absolutely miserable. We decided we didn’t want to be like that. We wanted to take control of our situation.

The increasing complexity of our personal financial lives was what first ignited my passion for financial planning and investment management.

But something else really added fuel to the fire...

I was ANGRY with poor advice many financial advisors were giving doctors.

Many were selling expensive and inappropriate investment products.

It’s sort of like you getting paid by the drugs you recommend instead of the service you provide to a patient. You wouldn’t do that to patients, but many financial advisors do that to doctors like you!

I realized most of my physician either didn’t know what they were doing if they managed their finances by themselves, or they hired financial advisors who weren’t acting in their best interests.

I feel physicians deserve much better investment and financial advice from someone who walks in their shoes, has made the same mistakes and is willing to go to bat for them just like we’re willing to put our best efforts forward for patients.

So I decided to become a financial planner for doctors.


“OK, why are you telling me this information and why I should read the report ‘7 BIG Financial Mistakes Doctors Make and How To Fix Them So You Can Stop Making Work Mandatory and Start Making Work Optional!”?


I’m revealing the critical information in this FREE report for five reasons:

REASON #1: I HATE to see other physicians making the same mistakes my wife and I did. We work too hard to get where we are.

REASON #2: If you’re making the mistakes I show you in my report, correcting them now can save you a lot of headache and misery down the road.

REASON #3: You’ve probably heard the saying “It’s the stuff that you DON’T know that harms you.” If I can help you avoid even one of these mistakes, you could be better off than you are now.

REASON #4: I want to prove to you that this is not a scam or a time-waster and that you’re going to really enjoy reading the report. I believe it will help you.

REASON #5: I want to show you that I actually know what I’m talking about and that doctors CAN get good objective financial advice...if they know who to turn to.

And finally I hope that some of you--the really tiny percentage of you that actually want to get your financial life in order--will finally take action and contact me to explore whether I can help you.

Here’s just some of what you’ll discover in the report to accelerate you towards your own financial independence:

  • 7 financial mistakes you’re making or you’ve made that have likely cost you more money than your annual income -- make these mistakes and you could continue spinning your wheels, working longer, or working harder
  • 2 secrets your financial advisor might not be telling you (Don’t let this happen to you!)
  • One of the worst killers of your investment returns -- get this right and you could keep more money in your pocket
  • Why being smart and working hard doesn’t cut it with your investment and retirement portfolio -- and what you can do about it
  • How to approach your financial life just like treating a patient -- if you do this, you might actually understand your finances for once!
  • And a LOT more!

I SHOULD be charging a lot of money for this report but I won't!

Why? Because even though I think it’s really valuable to you and will help you think about your personal finances in a way you haven’t done before, I know you’re probably still not convinced and you're probably still a bit skeptical...

Hey, no sweat!

I’m going to make this REALLY easy for you and give it to you for FREE by simply entering your name and email on the right.

As a bonus you’ll also get my daily "No BS" financial lessons that provide you with valuable financial and investment advice you can use. And don’t worry I will never sell your email address because I take privacy very seriously.


Great! Then get the report NOW. Just enter your name and email and let's get started!


Setu Mazumdar, MD, CFP®

“The Physician Financial Planner for Doctors Who Want To Make Work Optional”