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From: Setu Mazumdar, MD, CFP®

President/Wealth Manager, Physician Wealth Solutions

Emergency Medicine Physician

"The Financial Planner For Doctors"


Dear Fellow Physician,

Welcome to Physician Wealth Solutions. I'm Setu Mazumdar, MD, CFP® and I help doctors all over the country with financial planning and investment management so they can live on their own terms again. I retired from practicing medicine before age 40, and I want to help you achieve your own financial independence.

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Setu Mazumdar, MD, CFP®

Answer These 10 Questions:

1. Do you feel like you've lost your autonomy in medicine and have control over almost nothing?

2. Are you frustrated with the endless paperwork, government and insurance company bureaucracy, and now the hassles of electronic medical records?

3. Do the threats of paycuts and lawsuits make you sweat?

4. Are you starting to get burned out from practicing medicine and wish you could cut down on your workload if you had the financial means to do so?

5. Are you tired of being blamed for rising health care costs and being accused of not paying your "fair share" in taxes and making too much money?

6. Do you lack a clear direction or a systematic process for managing your investments and finances?

7. Are you bummed because you've made big financial and investing mistakes by managing your investment portfolio by yourself?

8. Are you getting poor investment advice from your current financial advisor who might not be acting in your best interest, selling you expensive and inappropriate investment products, not relating to you as a physician, not giving you objective investment advice, or has an investment philosophy that is more like gambling?

9. Do you want to get your financial life in order and want a clear, simplified, easy to understand, and organized financial life so that you can work on your terms again and make work optional?

10. Do you want to work with a financial planner who is also a physician, who intimately understands your situation, who charges you fees directly, does not sell any financial or investment products, acts in your best interest, gives you objective advice, and has an investment philsophy that is based on academic science not guesswork and speculation?

If you answered Yes to any of those questions, then you've come to the right place because I've got solutions that will help physicians like you overcome your biggest personal financial and investment challenges. It starts with getting the two FREE gifts I mentioned above.

Why Should You Believe Me?

I’m Setu Mazumdar, MD, CFP®, and I’m a physician just like you, but I retired from practicing medicine before age 40! Now as "The Financial Planner For Doctors" I help physicians like you and me get our financial lives in order so that you can work on your own terms again and achieve the financial independence you deserve.

Almost ALL of my clients are physicians throughout the country of differents ages and across various medical specialties.

I've turned my inside knowledge as a physician who understands your financial and investment struggles into a springboard for helping physicians like you with your finances and investments.

My experience as a physician gives me the unique ability to understand your situation because I've literally walked in your shoes and faced the same challenges you face.

I know you're raising your eyebrows at this point. You're probably saying to yourself...

"I mean seriously...a doctor who transformed into a financial planner to help other doctors?"

"Did he lose his medical license? Did he just snap one day and went nuts? Is he competent to manage other physicians' finances and investments? Is this a joke or a scam, and is he wasting my time?"

Here's a brief background on my education and experience to erase your skepticism:

  • Graduated from high school at Woodward Academy—the largest independent day school in the continental United States--as valedictorian of my class
  • Graduated from Johns Hopkins University for college. Was admitted to Phi Beta Kappa for being in top 1% of my class
  • Graduated from Johns Hopkins School of Medicine with my MD degree
  • Board certified in emergency medicine and worked full time as an emergency medicine physician
  • Am a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional--the gold standard designation in financial planning
  • President of Physician Wealth Solutions, where I empower doctors to take control of their finances

OK, so as you can see I'm not a dimwit. And no I didn't lose my medical license. And no this isn't a scam.

In fact I take this very seriously. And you should too if you care about getting your finances and investments in order and living your life on your terms.

I'll be the first to admit that I made a ton of financial mistakes early in my career, but despite those mistakes I still retired from medicine before age 40!

No, it’s not a typo and no I didn’t win the lottery. Here’s how I did it:

My wife and I are both physicians, but unlike most doctors, we made our finances and investments a priority early in our careers. We saw money as a tool to achieve financial freedom and independence at an early age.

We were sick and tired of all the BS we have to put up with as physicians: lawsuits, paperwork, annual tests, hospital administrators, nightshifts, the ridiculous volume of patients we have to see, and on and on and on.

But achieving a degree of financial independence at an early age wasn’t easy.

You see, we made a ton of financial mistakes that cost us dearly. We had no clue what we were doing with our investments and I didn’t know anything about financial planning.

We also saw so many of our physician colleagues giving up their weekends, nights and holidays because they didn’t have their financial lives in order and many of them are absolutely miserable. We decided we didn’t want to be like that. We wanted to take control of our situation.

The increasing complexity of our personal financial lives was what first ignited my passion for financial planning and investment management.

But something else really added fuel to the fire...

I was ANGRY with poor advice many financial advisors were giving doctors.

Many were selling expensive and inappropriate investment products.

It’s sort of like you getting paid by the drugs you recommend instead of the service you provide to a patient. You wouldn’t do that to patients, but many financial advisors do that to doctors like you and me!

I realized most of my physician either didn’t know what they were doing if they managed their finances by themselves, or they hired financial advisors who weren’t acting in their best interests.

I feel physicians deserve much better investment and financial advice from someone who walks in their shoes, has made the same mistakes and is willing to go to bat for them just like we’re willing to put our best efforts forward for patients.

So I decided to become a financial planner for doctors.


  • Expensive financial products your advisor might be selling you, why you probably don’t need them, and how to get rid of them
  • Conflicts of interest your advisor may have but you don’t know, how that could cost you a ton of money and lead to adverse financial consequences
  • Whether your advisor’s investment philosophy makes sense or if he’s just gambling with your money (Tip: If you want to gamble go to Vegas. Don’t do it with your retirement!)
  • A checklist of point-blank questions to put your advisor on the hot seat and determine if he’s acting in your best interests (Warning: this might make him squeamish)
  • The benefits of working with an advisor you acts in your best interests and puts you first
  • How comprehensive goal based financial planning using an interactive, dynamic, and collaborative approach from a trusted advisor can get your entire financial life in order


Get started right now by getting your two FREE gifts:

I look forward to helping you fix your biggest financial and investment mistakes  move you closer to your own financial independence.


Setu Mazumdar, MD, CFP®

"The Financial Planner For Doctors"